For a business, it is highly important to gain maximum publicity to attract potential customers, stakeholders and investors. The ultimate aim is to grow widely and bring more profit to the business. Entrepreneurs are looking for new way blending with traditional way of promoting the business with positivity. Thankfully, we are living at a time where social media is the best platform for entrepreneur or businesses to promote and gain maximum return. Whether you are running a start-up or on the point of scaling up the business, following 5 solid tips of promoting the business will certainly help.


We present you with 6 tips of that can help you to plan your promotion according to your business requirement-

  1. Applying for Awards-

There are regular business awards organised by certain bodies where highly achieved and growing businesses are awarded for their excellence. These award functions are also the platform of promotion where you can meet potential stake holders and investors. Moreover, in case yours is an emerging business with good profit and also doing well for the society, then you have a good chance of getting awards. Imagine your start up office has the sign board of ‘Best Emerging Business of 2019″. You can promote this achievement online and offline to gain attention of investors.

  1. Be an influencer-

Platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram are the perfect platform where you can enjoy being influencer and also promote your brand. Write blogs about entrepreneurship, your achievement and other things can influence readers. This will also help in increasing the credibility profile. Moreover, will help to build the reputation your business needs.

  1. Bring more People-

Introduce yourself and business to community stakeholders. Set up more and more meetings where you get the chance to promote your business. Never ask for anything. Instead, make them familiarize what your business is doing and how they too can get benefit if join their business. Make them aware what you are looking from them for your business. The more people you bring for your business, the more it will turn beneficial.

  1. Being a Philanthropic-

This is the most common, but the most effective way of gaining publicity. Engage in society work, help NGOs, and adopt school for education or support students in their education. If yours is a start-up and have good finance, then this philanthropy method is the most effective way. Check what other companies are doing for promoting their business through philanthropy.

  1. Community Engagement-

Using this promotion method, you can get on boards and planning groups or host events. Your involvement in the good things of community in different forms will have good advantage to your business. Also by getting on these committees, you can facilitate support and invite other people into your office. This underutilized promotion method help in brining likes of community officials.

  1. Promoting through Press Release-

This is the most common method, but the most effective way of promoting your business. Compile the list of all the platform and outlets where you can promote your new service. Create a nice press release statement online and offline and on the platform which can reach to more and more readers and investors.


No matter how big or small your business is; promoting it can never be halted. You need to keep looking for new methods to promote your business in all means. If your company is promoted in a negative way, then find way and act immediately to change the face of it. The result of the promotion can take time, but once it arrives, your business is certainly going to change.


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