An Entrepreneur Needs To Be A Good Strategist- Jignesh Barasara

By | December 11, 2017

An entrepreneur needs to have all the policy laid in front of him or her. This will make it easy to execute the plan and strategy that is devised for running your company. The strategy that starts with a good execution can be deduced as a great one. For that, you also need to cultivate a right and proper attitude toward strategy and be a really good strategist.Strategist

To be an incredible strategist you need to follow some steps says Jignesh Barasara.

  • To be a great strategist you need to have a desire to outperform the rivals and stay ahead of the market amongst your peers. You need to stress this point in the meetings and other times in front of your colleagues and your employees so that they follow this and become more efficient to reach this goal.
  • A strategy is not just a presentation shown in front of a crowd but way beyond that. It is the execution of the presentation in practice.
  • To put your plan into execution you need to stay focused. This holds true even for a strategist. Focus in the right direction and not on something that is not relevant to the growth of the company.
  • A person who can say no with conviction is considered to be strong mentally. A strategist also needs to learn this art of saying no to things that are a distraction and are not in any way related to the execution of the plan.
  • It is good to stick to your decision but whenever your plan is not working and there is a need for a change you need to accept it and make the necessary changes. Many a time what looks good theoretically may not be feasible practically then there should be a change in plan and strategy for the betterment of the company.
  • It is good to be simple in everything and not complicate matters. This will be easy to understand and execute also.
  • Also, you need to be clear while explaining things to the others and not beat around the bush. This will be easily understood and the chances to make mistakes due to some misunderstanding will be reduced.
  • The strategist will always update the others on the ongoing things and also will not hesitate to learn something new.
  • Prioritizing is really important for any business. And a good strategist will know what is good when and where and will have a priority list and follow that as much as possible. This will not give any room for any glitches and hassles.

As an entrepreneur have a strategy and try following it but when changes are needed do not hesitate to make them. You will surely grow as an entrepreneur and will make a name in the business world.

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