Entering the business world of those with not entrepreneurial background may be pretty tough. This can be more so when you get no support from your family and friends when you wish to venture into a new field.

This will be out of your comfort zone and they mean well for you and so they may be concerned about your struggle and how difficult it may be for you to succeed. So when you just tell them that you are setting up some business they will be very apprehensive and may not offer any kind of support says Jignessh Barasara.


In fact, they may discourage you not to go out of your comfort zone. This is really demotivating when your near and dear ones do not support you. Actually most of the successful business people have faced such resistance from their family and friends. In spite of it they have thrived and made themselves known in the business world.

Only after they are successful do such people get support and acceptance. But if you have really made up your mind to take a plunge into the business world you don’t have to fear such initial resistance.

You can get support from some likeminded people and of course you may have to search for that. It may not be difficult to do so. Such people may be some peers and some other people in the same boat as you may be fully supportive to your idea. Why not seek support from them you will feel motivated and will be able to make the will to set up your start up.

Having made this decision, you should determine your own self-worth. This is not dependent on someone else’s success or failure or their strengths and weaknesses. This is your project and you are going to benefit from its success. So you should decide your plan of action and the final call.

Of course you can take advice from some experienced person. You can appoint a mentor or coach too to learn the nuances and the day to day working of the business. You will need to hire employees and then you can include them into leading your venture to success. But you should be the one to take resolution. This will lead to your success.

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