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Business,6 Solid Ways to Generate Publicity for your Business

6 Solid Ways to Generate Publicity for your Business

For a business, it is highly important to gain maximum publicity to attract potential customers, stakeholders and investors. The ultimate aim is to grow widely and bring more profit...
Jignesh Barasara

7 Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Online

This is the digital age and the internet plays an important role in our lives especially the professional life. Now those who want to enter the entrepreneurial world need...
Jignesh Barasara


For a StartUp funds are limited and thus it becomes very important to properly allocate the funds. Although traditional marketing has its advantages, it is nothing as compared to...
Jignesh Barasara

Going Tech on Recruitment Helps save Costs and Efforts

The most part of the business world is adopting the technical process in everything they do. While some firms have already adopted the digital platforms a few are yet...
Jignesh Barasara

Large Enterprises Versus SMEs Which Is More Beneficial

The business world comprises of enterprises of different sizes. They are broadly categorized as large enterprises or small and micro enterprises - SMEs. Both the categories have their own...
Jignesh Barasara

Businesses That Have Scope In The World Today – Jignesh barasara

Many young people would like to set up a startup rather than take up a job. It is good for them and also for the business world. but the...
Jignesh Barasara

In Business A Lifelong Learner Is Always A Winner- Jignesh Barasara

In business, it is good to be a lifelong learner you will become a winner sooner or later. Things keep changing in the corporate world and sticking to the...
Business idea 2018

Business ideas 2018 – Jignesh Barasara

Business ideas 2018 - With time the preferences and trends change and so a person keen on embarking into the entrepreneurial world can take cue from this and get...
become entrepreneur

Want to become an entrepreneur, Few points on How to start?

In the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey you are young, inexperienced, and have less funds. In this case it makes sense to test the waters before starting and also...

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Start Up Business- A Few Dos And Don’ts – Jignesh barasara

With the name startup, it is obvious that it is a business venture that has just been set up. Apparently, it will have low...
Talented people

Loyal And Talented People Can Help Take The Company A Notch Higher.

Getting the right talent for the job in your company is really tough and sometimes even if you have got such talent to work...
Jignesh Barasara

Right Person For The Right Job Makes You Beneficiary

A person may fail as an entrepreneur but he or she may be good at something else and may succeed in it. so you...