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Jignesh Barasara

Having Good Negotiating Skills Can Lead To Success – Jignesh Barasara

A person who wishes to venture into the business world needs to know some of the ways of this domain. Only then can he or she be a good...
Latest Digital Technology

Improve Customer Base With Espousing The Latest Digital Technology-Jignesh Barasara

  Most businesses go digital in this age and rightly so as it is the demand of the time. But is it enough if you only go digital. No of...
Internal Communication

Bridging The Internal Communication Gap Using A Tool A Constructive Approach- Jignesh Barasara

Not all businesses can grow and become a big business venture. However, some enterprises do have the fortuity to reach such great heights and have branched out too. Then...

Taste Success Early For Your Start-up Engaging A Mentor

An experienced person can be an asset for any company whether it is big or small. The experience comes in handy not only for the person but also for...
Talented people

Loyal And Talented People Can Help Take The Company A Notch Higher.

Getting the right talent for the job in your company is really tough and sometimes even if you have got such talent to work for you it may become...

Motivating The Employees Boost The Production In Business Venture

Some of the jobs in an office are repetitive and this can create monotony and make the worker or employee abhor the work. This may lead to falling in...

Being Different Helps Improve Business Prospects And Hold Attention

There are a few ventures that see success very soon but a few just fade away into oblivion without making a mark or gaining any profit. So what is...
jignesh barasara

Having A Vision Makes It Easy To Reach Your Goal-Jignesh Barasara

Having a dream of owning a business leads to set up a startup. This is well and well says Jignesh Barasara. But you have not set up a venture...
jignesh barasara

Start Up Business- A Few Dos And Don’ts – Jignesh barasara

With the name startup, it is obvious that it is a business venture that has just been set up. Apparently, it will have low recognition but it nevertheless its...

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Jignesh Barasara

Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur | Jignesh barasara

  Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy. It also takes hard work and persistence to be one of those who is successful. All of...
Jignesh Barasara

Going Tech on Recruitment Helps save Costs and Efforts

The most part of the business world is adopting the technical process in everything they do. While some firms have already adopted the digital...
Jignesh Barasara

Love Taking Risks, Entrepreneurship Is For You | Jignesh Barasara

One of the attributes of an entrepreneur is risk-taking. If you fear taking risks and are more prone to always remain in a comfort...