Being an owner of a startup is really hectic. You may have to play several roles and handle the business single handedly. This may lead you to overwork and a drain in your energy.

In the first place is it really necessary to do so. If there is more work than you can handle you should hire someone. But being a startup this may add to your financial burden. At this initial stage you do not wish to bear it.


But the consequences of overworking may be more detrimental than bearing the financial burden says Jignesh Barasara. If you try you can get some cheap labor. You can try hiring someone part time or some fresher who may not mind paying less as long as he or she gets some hands on experience.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Overworking yourself will lead to your burning out and this is not advisable at any stage of your business. In case you burnout there is no one to handle the business and then you may have to face great losses.

The effort put up for so long in establishing it and garnering so many customers and investing some of your savings plus the loan taken from the banks will all go waste in case you face losses and have to shut up shop.

So the best thing would be to hire someone to do some part of your work. Just take it as a part of investment. With the help of someone you may be able to do more business and crack more sales. This is going to bring in more profit and pave the way for the growth of your business and revenue.

Once you see such growth the effort put in and the investment made will pay off in no time. so at any stage don’t let yourself to be burned out. This may lead to the downfall of your business which spells failure for you.

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