Many young people would like to set up a startup rather than take up a job. It is good for them and also for the business world. but the question is what kind of businesses will be profitable in the present scenario. Or putting it differently what kind of businesses have a scope to thrive and flourish in this age wonders Jignesh Barasara.Businesses

In the modern age, some kinds of businesses may have become obsolete but there are some areas which have more demand.

Energy and power are a lot in demand any day. So some startup that is related to making some kind of renewable energy is going to work. Yes, a lot of work is done in this area yet a lot needs to be done. People can find different ways of extracting energy from different sources and put it to good use. Research in this area has been done and you have different ways to tap energy like solar energy, wind energy and so on.  You can make start a process which is more efficient than the ones we already have. There will be a lot of demand for this.

There is a lot of waste generated on this earth. So you can find a way of making good use of these. So any startup relating to the use of this kind of waste and putting it to good use will thrive. You are not only helping people get rid of waste but also helping the earth become a cleaner place.

Going to the technological world you can build some apps that will be of use to mankind to make their work more efficient. You have millions of apps developed but still, there are areas where no apps have been developed. You can look for ways to make some apps in these fields. This will make these areas more efficient.

Another sector that needs attention is the delivery system. Today the trend is to shop online but without a prompt and good delivery system it is not going to flourish and it may lose its sheen what it has attained in the present day. So as the number of online shoppers increases there will be a higher demand for delivery services. So the ones offering good service in this area will be the winner. A startup in this area with some novel ideas may work out well.

The business trends change with time. also, it is the era of digital money. there is a lot to be done in this area to provide for safe and secure means of payments and investments. So any startup that offers safe and secure payment options will have many takers as no person likes to lose his or her hard-earned money.

This may not be an exhaustive list of ideas for setting up a startup. However, these trends can lead you up to become more creative and give back to the earth in the best possible way.




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