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By | August 30, 2017

Jignesh Barasara – Can everyone become entrepreneur? The answer is yes and no.

Yes because you can give it a try. Grab the opportunity if you have one and then put all your effort into making it a success.

You need a plan for a startup and investment of money and effort. If you have these things, then go ahead and give it a try. The startup needs your full attention. Just making a plan and leaving to grow by itself is not going to make it a success.


Your plan may go awry at some stage. There may be many hurdles crossing your way, you need to effectively overcome them. Only this will lead to the path of success no doubt.

Of course, you may wish to get instant success in your venture. But it is not practical to get success so soon. You need to earn it the hard way. Then it may last longer. Overcoming the hassles you learn a lot of things and gain experience. All these will be useful for you to grow and develop.

When you grow you may have many more responsibilities and it may be difficult to handle this extra burden if you have not gone through the rigors of entrepreneurship facing the obstacles and snags and resolving them.

This gears you up for a greater job that lies ahead as a successful entrepreneur. This is the account in favor of becoming a business person.

For the argument against becoming an entrepreneur is that there are some people who are made for a desk job. They may not possess the required leadership skills. They can work with some other people and are not able to take an initiative. This is really necessary to become an entrepreneur.

A single person cannot work to make a venture succeed. The business people need the help of other skilled people to do their work and make their venture a success. So if you do not have the characteristics of becoming an entrepreneur it is not a cause for worry. You can find solace in the fact that you are part of someone else’s success. So in part you also become successful.

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