Make The Employee Feel Safe At Work- Jignesh Barasara

The employers or owners of big businesses need to hire several hands to work for them. Different posts are created to run the business from accountants, managers, sales executives,...
Latest Digital Technology

Improve Customer Base With Espousing The Latest Digital Technology-Jignesh Barasara

  Most businesses go digital in this age and rightly so as it is the demand of the time. But is it enough if you only go digital. No of...
Business,6 Solid Ways to Generate Publicity for your Business

6 Solid Ways to Generate Publicity for your Business

For a business, it is highly important to gain maximum publicity to attract potential customers, stakeholders and investors. The ultimate aim is to grow widely and bring more profit...
Jignesh Barasara

Transformation into Entrepreneur | Jignesh Barasara

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of challenges and responsibilities. The reason for such statement is that an entrepreneur is owner/master of his business but at the same time he...

Weaknesses of Entrepreneur | Jignesh Barasara

“Entrepreneurship does not only stand for ‘strengths’ however, weaknesses are also a fraction of it. No one is entirely perfect; every entrepreneur has some weaknesses that may cause him/her...
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Burning Out Detrimental For Company And You- Jignesh Barasara

Being an owner of a startup is really hectic. You may have to play several roles and handle the business single handedly. This may lead you to overwork and...
Jignesh Barasara

6 skills you should have while starting up a business | Jignesh Barasara

6 skills you should have while starting up a business business Business - Being an entrepreneur is easy but what makes it easy at all? Entrepreneurship is always a big...
Jignesh Barasara

Having Good Negotiating Skills Can Lead To Success – Jignesh Barasara

A person who wishes to venture into the business world needs to know some of the ways of this domain. Only then can he or she be a good...

Being Different Helps Improve Business Prospects And Hold Attention

There are a few ventures that see success very soon but a few just fade away into oblivion without making a mark or gaining any profit. So what is...

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Find The Method That Best Suits You To Fund Your StartUp

Some young people do have the ideas and can make products that are good enough for use by the consumers. The products have to...
Entrepreneurship Skills

Brush Up Entrepreneurship Skills Taking Up a Course

For many, a business house is delivered on a platter. They have a setup business in front of them. All they need to do...
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7 Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Online

This is the digital age and the internet plays an important role in our lives especially the professional life. Now those who want to...