Whether you are making products and selling them or offering services there should be a demand for them. Also if there is no visible demand you must be able to create a demand for them. This will pave the way for your growth with ease.

So you should pick a place where the demand for such a product or service is pretty high. Yes, you may be able to create this demand only in a niche group or audience. Your first step will be to find your target audience before you venture into practically manufacturing the goods and putting them into the market says Jignesh Barasara.


How do you create a demand for the products or services that have a dwindling demand? You can either advertise for your product or service in a novel way so that you create an interest in the product or service again. When the people go for your product or service you can know that there is a demand for it.

Then you should put up your unit or firm within the reach of such audience. This will make the products or services easily reachable. They are more likely to buy your product or take your services rather than a similar product or service of the rival if it is more easily accessible.

You should have an excellent marketing strategy in place for this. Once this interest is created there will be constant demand from the target audience often. Then there may be a stage where you may have to increase your production or increase staff to offer service to a larger audience to meet their demand.

If you reach this situation you can be sure that you have gone a notch higher on the growth ladder. Yes, there is yet a lot to achieve. You cannot stop here. You need to create demand for your products and services in some other circles so that you can grow to a greater height.

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