The most part of the business world is adopting the technical process in everything they do. While some firms have already adopted the digital platforms a few are yet to discard their traditional views on business and go tech savvy. This transition is not easy they feel but these companies are losing a lot and may not be knowing that going tech on all processes including recruitment will help save costs says Jignesh Barasara, a renowned entrepreneur.There are various benefits of going tech in the hiring process he feels and along with saving costs, you can make the whole process far-reaching and less strenuous. In the traditional way of recruitment, the company would post an advertisement for the vacancies in the daily newspapers. To make the reach as wide as possible these advertisements need to be put every day and in multiple dailies. Some of these ads may be even shown on TV and both of these are costly.


Then the company on getting the response from the candidates via post views each of these thousands of applications and then analyzed them to select the best recruit. Then a few would be shortlisted depending on the credentials on their CVs and called for a personal interview via post.

This is a tedious job being expensive, as well as time consuming and the chances for human error, are no less. This creates some hurdles and difficulties which may not be easy to solve. Even among the shortlisted, a small percentage would not make to the final list of interviewees.

Then there would be some rounds of interview including the written test, HR round and so on before the final round. The panel will be on tenterhooks all the time until the process is complete. After so much effort and expense, the company gets a few hands to work for it.

Instead, if the process was digitized spending on newspaper ads and TV could be saved. You can just register on some digital recruitment portal for the job opening. You have plenty of them. It is an easy process to recruit from these and incurs less cost. Usually, it is a two-way process. The job seekers can register and post their qualifications which any company can view and approach the candidate. Also, there is provision for the hirers to post for any job offer to which the job seeker can respond and get an interview call.

Most of the correspondence takes place via phone or email. Now at the advanced level when the company gets several requests for jobs it is the bots that do the initial analysis and then shortlist the candidates. A lot of human effort is saved along with time. The recruitment process gets simplified and the chance for hiring the right candidate also increases.

Yes, there may be an initial cost in investing in a bot and digitization of the whole recruitment process. But eventually, the costs can be recovered thus making the whole process cost-effective and effortless.


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