The business world comprises of enterprises of different sizes. They are broadly categorized as large enterprises or small and micro enterprises – SMEs. Both the categories have their own benefits for its employees opines Jignesh Barasara.
In the former, the employees are offered several perks which include good salary, fancy workplaces among others. However, there may not be much chance for personal growth. You can lead a comfortable life on a personal front but professionally your growth may not materialize and you may get stagnated meeting your targets the higher-ups in your company fix for you.

A better performance may result in financial perks but a promotion may not happen in the near future unless you prove your mettle multiple times. Competition is huge as there may be many contenders for a single higher post. For many years you may work at a lower level and may hardly get a chance to play a leadership role.

In contrast in the latter case personal growth has much scope. The employees may not be given large perks. The salary may be average. The working conditions may not be all comfy. At a professional level, you get to work at a higher post. You will get a chance to play a leadership role at a younger age and also will get a chance to showcase your talent. Professional growth can happen with ease as the competition is among a fewer people. At the personal front, the growth may not lead to a luxurious life but such a job may give you a comfortable enough life.

You may learn how to run an enterprise too and this may give way to you setting up your own startup very soon. Yes, you may need some good ideas and funds to do so. With such help, you may be able to call yourself an entrepreneur in the near future.

So it is up to you as an employee to decide what you wish to become. What kind of growth you prefer is solely dependent on you? If you wish to grow professionally then you need to choose an SME for your work front. You can work for a few years and gain experience as to how to become an entrepreneur. Later when you are ready in a couple of years or so you can leave the company and embark on your entrepreneurial journey with ease.

If you wish to lead a luxurious life and don’t mind working at some low post for a huge multinational company or a big enterprise, then it is also your take. If personal growth is what you wish for you can go for it.

So to the question which is beneficial both have their own pros and cons and benefits depend on what each person thinks as advantage whether the professional growth or personal growth.


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