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By | October 23, 2017

One of the attributes of an entrepreneur is risk-taking. If you fear taking risks and are more prone to always remain in a comfort zone you should never attempt entrepreneurship. Every enterprise is bound to go through a rough patch however good an idea it is built on. This is also the opinion of Jignesh Barasara.

If risk-taking is not your cup of tea then you should just stay an employee and use all your skills and talents to give best for the company you are working for. This is also what Jignesh Barasara said. You will be well compensated for this from your employer and the company will also benefit from your ideas and work.

Why is taking the risk a key feature for entrepreneurship then? It is pretty simple. Every business sees ups and downs. The market trends change overnight. What is in fashion may tend to be out of fashion when a new product which is better and less expensive is launched in the market.

You may be a victim of such launch at any time. You may not be aware of your rivals move and you may be taken off guard. All the products that you put on the market for sale will remain static with no takers.

This will bring in a big loss. If you panic at such a stage then you will face a bigger loss. You need to change the strategy and put all your marketing skills to use so that the products put in the market get sold. You may not be able to make a huge profit out of it but you may be able to release the cash that is invested in making them.

At every stage, your business is at risk. You may not know the strategies of other businesses but yet you are putting your products for sale thinking they will be sold. If this is not risk taking then what is. You need to prepare yourself for the above-mentioned situations every time. If you are not ready to face such state of affairs then entrepreneurship is not for you.

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