Make The Employee Feel Safe At Work- Jignesh Barasara

By | February 17, 2018

The employers or owners of big businesses need to hire several hands to work for them. Different posts are created to run the business from accountants, managers, sales executives, and so on. Each of these manage or look after the work assigned to them.

These are then paid remuneration according to their role and post. But is paying them money or salary for the work these employees do for the company enough compensation asks Jignesh Barasara?


No it is not enough. These people spend a large part of their lives in the betterment of the company. Many a time they keep the work of the company above their personal work. Some even forego some personal enjoyment to work for the company in the times of crisis or peak times.

If a company does not have such dedicated employees who keep their professional life above their personal ones the company cannot grow to the heights it has reached till now.

The company also has to recompense them effectively and it does not always have to be monetary gains. The best reparation the company can do is to create an atmosphere where in each and every employee feels safe to work. The company should make sure they are not harassed or taken advantage of by their coworkers or their seniors in any manner.

There may be different kinds of abuse including sexual abuse that can happen in any atmosphere. Offices are not immune to such behavior by some of the employees especially who are in a higher post.

If the head of the company gets any complaint about any misconduct about some other employee of any kind strict action should be taken to set everything right and the guilty need to be brought to book.

This from the side of the employers will ensure each and every employee that they are working in a safe atmosphere.

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