Some of the jobs in an office are repetitive and this can create monotony and make the worker or employee abhor the work. This may lead to falling in the efficiency and decrease in productivity. When such a situation arises then it does not augur well for any business venture opines Jignesh Barasara.

For such monotony to not creep into any office set up the employers need to create an atmosphere such that the worker in an office gets motivated. When they get motivated their perspective may change and the way they work also may see a change. This change can bring in an increase in efficiency and an increase in productivity.


Naturally, this will lead to more profit for the company. So what the company needs to do is to find how to motivate the employees. There are different ways to motivate the employees.

One of the ways is to offer incentives that are based on the productivity. Usually, targets are set for the people working in an office. But not many people achieve the target and the company lags behind. Just to motivate an employee to finish the target and also do more incentives in cash or some gifts can be offered.

When a person does more work than that is allotted to him or her he or she should be rewarded. This will motivate the others to outwit him or her. This will create a scenario of healthy competition where everyone wishes to outwit the other.

There is more productivity and indeed who is the beneficiary of the company. This paves the way for growth. Yes, there can be a drawback here. Some of them are not lured by such cash incentives but if a free food coupon or some gift voucher for shopping is given they may get motivated to do more.

Some may be lured with a promotion or some other kind of incentives like a world tour or something. Every time the incentive can vary so that the motivation is always there and the efficiency in work does not lag and there is always an increase in production bringing in more revenue.

What more does a company want to grow other than this?

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