A good entrepreneur needs to be a self-starter. If your dream is to be a business person you need to take the initiative. You cannot rely on others to take a decision. It is your project, it is your passion to achieve something so it is you who have to take the plunge and come to a decision. Yes, it is equally true you cannot work alone. You need to build a team. In this team, you should be the leader and guide your teammates as to what is to be done and when and how. Again this does not mean you do not take advice. Yes, even if it comes from one of your juniors and the piece of advice is worthwhile for your corporate then you should not reject it.

Self Starter

A self-starter is always proactive and a go-getter. He or she does things before it has been reminded or told. Being a self-oriented person and assertive he or she has strong decision-making powers. After taking some decisions such people stick to them too.

They are persistent and always aspire to complete the task at hand before time. Yes, they are hard go-getters but it does not mean they are rigid. Yes, they achieve more when they become flexible.

Some people are natural-self-starters. But there is no quality that cannot be attained. Hence if you are not a self-starter you can become one by working on it.

  • When doing your work try to always be ahead of the deadlines. This will save a lot of energy and money too.
  • Tackle one thing at a time when you have plenty on your hand and mind. This way you can find a solution to each issue at hand with ease and will also be able to reach your goal easily and surely.
  • When you call your business which is your passion work it has a different impact on your mind rather than when you call it a reward for your hard work. This will motivate you to keep working.
  • Failure deters many. So stop being afraid of failures. When you see failure coming to take it as a part of the game and start all over again. Explore different options and change strategies then you can achieve what you wished for.

So if you are a self-starter you can work toward your passion with more zest and will succeed eventually.


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