For a StartUp funds are limited and thus it becomes very important to properly allocate the funds. Although traditional marketing has its advantages, it is nothing as compared to digital marketing as the world is fast going digital say Jignesh Barasara Thus there is an urgent and evident need for StartUps to invest in digital marketing.


These are some of the benefits of Digital Marketing for StartUps:


The entire world has gone online and thus it makes sense to use digital marketing techniques to enhance your product reach and visibility. With digital marketing, you will be able to reach out to more customers at a fraction of the cost of offline marketing and thus save money and also expand your business


With digital marketing techniques, you are sure to minimize wastage of resources as you can reach out to your target market as these ads of your companies will show up with keywords or relevant activity in social media. Thus digital marketing makes optimum use of your financial resources and helps you reach your target audience quick and easy.

Only those customers who are interested in products like yours will be able to see your ads and in PPC ads you only have to pay when a customer actually clicks on your ad and this saves money, time and effort so that you can use your resources for other constructive purposes


Digital Marketing techniques improve the visibility of your product all around the internet. You appear in Facebook ads, in YouTube ads, Google search results and many more. Now advertisers are also targeting customers with ads in app’s which they use in their mobile phones, and thus digital marketing enhances visibility and increases the reach and finds you the target customer


Digital marketing strategies promote your brand online at a fraction of the cost of offline marketing. Your brand becomes visible on all social platforms and on YouTube and googles searches and as your website rank improves more and more customers visit your website and buy your products.

Digital marketing helps in making your brand a grand success by using proven strategies and a combination of different techniques which all lead to one goal-Maximum Profit at Minimum Cost.


As your brand gets popular, digital marketing companies start posting content and positive reviews about your brand and this enhances your brand image. And then as people start liking your product and brand the word spreads by word of mouth online and offline. This is almost free advertising and as compared to traditional sources it is much cheaper and cost-effective.



With Digital Marketing conducting an SEO for your company the page rank of your website will improve and the traffic on your website will multiply beyond boundaries. Thus an SEO is an absolute must for a Startup so that the brand becomes visible and also so that the message reaches the target audience.


The new buzzword in Digital Marketing is content driven marketing. In this kind of marketing the digital marketing company posts articles and blogs about the company on different online forums. They instill the keywords which are relevant for the company so that there is the indirect and objective promotion.

The days of on your face advertising are over. Today is the day and age of indirect marketing through suggestions and reviews. The better the content quality the better will be the reviews and feedback and the more popular your webpage will become.

  • APPS

The new buzzword in the digital marketing space is mobile phone apps. People nowadays are using smartphones for chatting, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube apart from gaming and news. Thus there is an app for almost everything and thus there is a huge opportunity which has opened up. By posting your companies ads on the relevant apps targeting the relevant target customers you can multiply your customer base quick and easy.


It is also a very important aspect of digital marketing or online marketing to have a great website. You should keep in mind these factors while building your website:

  1. It should be fast, swift and quick
  2. Not a lot of text. Only relevant short write-ups
  3. Images speak louder than words and so a couple of images which are unique, attractive and relevant
  4. No flash videos as they slow down the user experience
  5. A good contact us page
  6. Online chatting feature

Once you have all these features in your website then your website is destined for success and your company and product will gain acceptance and popularity quick and easy.

Thus by using all these Digital Marketing strategies you can make your product available and popular across the digital landscape which will turn into profitability, sustainability and success.


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