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An Entrepreneur Needs To Be A Good Strategist- Jignesh Barasara

An entrepreneur needs to have all the policy laid in front of him or her. This will make it easy to execute the plan and strategy that is devised for running your company. The strategy that starts with a good execution can be deduced as a great one. For that, you also need to cultivate a right and… Read More »

Creating Demand Paves The Way For Growth Of The Enterprise

Whether you are making products and selling them or offering services there should be a demand for them. Also if there is no visible demand you must be able to create a demand for them. This will pave the way for your growth with ease. So you should pick a place where the demand for such a product… Read More »

With Good Time Management Tread The Path Of Success Soon

There is a general opinion that the one who can manage time can manage almost anything else. Jignesh Barasara too agrees with this. Further, he says that in any enterprise whether it is a start-up or an established one time management is a must in everything that is done in the company. Everyone from the top the proprietor,… Read More »