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With Good Time Management Tread The Path Of Success Soon

There is a general opinion that the one who can manage time can manage almost anything else. Jignesh Barasara too agrees with this. Further, he says that in any enterprise whether it is a start-up or an established one time management is a must in everything that is done in the company. Everyone from the top the proprietor,… Read More »

Brush Up Entrepreneurship Skills Taking Up a Course

For many, a business house is delivered on a platter. They have a setup business in front of them. All they need to do is take the reins in their hands and run. This seems so simple but in reality is it so. The answer is a big no.When you inherit a family business you inherit so many… Read More »

Synergy Of Ideas And Angel Investors Can Work Wonders

Aspirations of every person are different. Some people prefer to have stability and security over instability and risk in their career. The people who seek the former would aspire to work in a job and do so for almost all their life while the latter may not feel so comfortable in a job and may quit one at… Read More »

Venture Capital Is The Way To Go For A Start Up – Jignesh Barasara

There may be several people who aspire to set out on entrepreneurship. They would have several ideas and plans but they are not able to join the bandwagon of free enterprise as they lack funds.Now without having enough funds, it is not possible to start a business. Even a technology-based startup where you don’t have to manufacture but… Read More »