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Want to become an entrepreneur, Few points on How to start?

In the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey you are young, inexperienced, and have less funds. In this case it makes sense to test the waters before starting and also starting small. It also makes sense getting professional help as that gives you a third party perspective about your business idea. These are certain ways in which you can… Read More »

Make The Employee Feel Safe At Work- Jignesh Barasara

The employers or owners of big businesses need to hire several hands to work for them. Different posts are created to run the business from accountants, managers, sales executives, and so on. Each of these manage or look after the work assigned to them. These are then paid remuneration according to their role and post. But is paying… Read More »

Burning Out Detrimental For Company And You- Jignesh Barasara

Being an owner of a startup is really hectic. You may have to play several roles and handle the business single handedly. This may lead you to overwork and a drain in your energy. In the first place is it really necessary to do so. If there is more work than you can handle you should hire someone.… Read More »