Taste Success Early For Your Start-up Engaging A Mentor

By | April 25, 2018

An experienced person can be an asset for any company whether it is big or small. The experience comes in handy not only for the person but also for others. Setting up a start-up needs some novel ideas in this technologically savvy age. But running it needs some experienced hands.

So usually a business venture is found to be successful when there is a melange of the experienced and the fresher. Hence it would be advisable for a startup to have a mentor to guide them through their journey at least in the starting days feels Jignesh Barasara.

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A captain of the ship who has been at sea for years finds it easier to steer clear of the storm so also a person who has been part of the business world for years may be able to guide a novice during the stormy days the company faces.

In the initial stage, these may be frequent and guidance may be required in every field. Sailing through with ease in the business world which has many competitors is not an easy task. But the only experience in the field will help you sail through.

So though you may not include an experienced person on board of your start-up it will be pretty good to have one such person as a mentor or guide. The guidance of such a person will really come in handy.

Yes, there will always be ups and downs in any business venture. Though you may bear some financial loss during the downs you gain more of experience and learn from your mistakes which you can rectify and then start all over again. It is usually at this time the consultation and guidance of the mentor will really be useful.

So are you interested in setting up a start-up then have a mentor and try following the guidelines given by him or her? You will reach the height of success faster and this will be long lasting too.

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