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By | October 25, 2017
There may be several people who aspire to set out on entrepreneurship. They would have several ideas and plans but they are not able to join the bandwagon of free enterprise as they lack funds.Now without having enough funds, it is not possible to start a business. Even a technology-based startup where you don’t have to manufacture but is the only service based you need some capital to start your business.

If your startup idea is really good you don’t have to worry. There is help available for you to make your startup get going. If your enterprise has the potential for growth and has risk factors you can contact some venture capitalist says Jignesh Barasara.


He or she may take interest and offer financial help so that you can go ahead with your project and make a mark in the business world. Of course, such help would not come for free. when a venture capital company or an individual makes the investment it may just ask for some share in the company.

Such investment comes from private companies and they seek equity stakes in the startup they invest. Usually when the startup is high risk and high return opportunities they would show interest in investing in your company.

Such investors are financial partners and you can call them venture capitalists. Such investment is usually made on long-term goals. Generally, innovative projects are chosen for investment as such projects mostly based on technology have a good potential for growth.

A venture capitalist may show interest in investing usually in startup but many a time they also finance a good growing company for expansion too. there are chances that venture capital funds may be used by some company for the acquisition of some other company may be in the same field or some other field.

The finance thus obtained may be used for product development or marketing. if it is the manufacturing unit the funds may be allotted for buying raw materials or any requirement of manufacture and also sales of the products made.

You can consider the venture capitalist as a partner in your company. It is beneficial to go for venture capital investment if your idea has the potential for growth. The exit plan is always a part of the deal and once the company is stabilized the plan may be executed and you become the sole owner of your company.

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