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By | June 13, 2017
“Entrepreneurship does not only stand for ‘strengths’ however, weaknesses are also a fraction of it. No one is entirely perfect; every entrepreneur has some weaknesses that may cause him/her to suffer in outlook. One needs to conquer these weaknesses in order to attain victory as an Entrepreneur”. Brazening out weaknesses and taking risks are major operations in every entrepreneur’s life. We are supposed not to push down by the alarm of our weaknesses.

Some points which highlight the weak side of an Entrepreneur:


Being an Entrepreneur, it is obvious for him/her to encircle by a number of employees and subordinates. Persistently listening to subordinates initiate entrepreneurs to depend upon them for the attainment of information concerning business and projects. They become habitual of excluding attention to what they are being told about. Thus, dependency turns out to be one of the weaknesses of entrepreneurs as they become dependent upon its employees.


What takes an entrepreneur at the altitude of success is the attitude to focus on distinguished business issues at a time. However, when the business expands and attains success, entrepreneurs learn to lose the ability to focus on multi issues and do not even take any one of the issues into accounts at a time. This weakness of ‘inability’ to focus comes along with less interest towards work and expecting more from subordinates.

Avoid Decisions

Taking suitable decision is one of the major roles of entrepreneur that can influence the business success favorably or unfavorably. ‘Decisions’ can become a weakness of any entrepreneur as depending more upon the subordinates for the depiction of consistency in business grounds entrepreneur to take decision according to the proposal of subordinates and not according to his own sense or experience. This can ruin the business in less than a day. A single wrong decision rationale implementation can set off the business from skies of success to down to earth of loss.


When it is start up business, the entrepreneur needs to manipulate its subordinates in order to motivate them, undoubtedly, good communication is the reason why entrepreneurs can easily manipulate its subordinates in a single speech. Later, this manipulation turns into the weakness of entrepreneur as along with the expansion of business, entrepreneurs take manipulation as default causing the business to lose its authenticity and attain rigidness. Creativity in business totally disappears in such state of affairs.

This is a range of weaknesses of Entrepreneurs. How these weaknesses can destroy your business?’Overcoming weaknesses is one of the rationales for the success of these great business personalities.


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